Translation Solutions

Translation is not always created equal. Depending on the intended use or audience, quality requirements will differ from one document to the next. So OneDocument offers a variety of translation solutions whereby costs and timelines adapt to your specific needs.


  • One-pass translation: A quick translation without third-party editing. If you must accurately understand the content (emails, faxes, Internet downloads, etc.), but your translations will only be read internally, this is a perfect solution for you.
  • Standard translation: Our standard translation process. After translation, the text is edited extensively, resulting in a high-quality translation.
  • Technical translation: For highly specialized texts (medicine, engineering, pharmaceuticals, automotive, patents, etc.), the standard quality translation process is followed, with the added assurance that the team linguists are trained & specialized in the applicable field.
  • Legal translation: Our legal linguists are at your disposal for all legal translation needs, no matter how urgent. We are also experts in Patents & IP translations. And when the need is to have your translation sworn or certified, we can also help.

We mainly work with all European languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Need another language? Do not hesitate to ask, you can count on us!

OneDocument increases the value of your documentation

Did you know that many of your translations may already exist within your company?

Businesses often have to translate documents into other languages. However, what many do not know is the true value that they can gain from looking in-house at existing translations – work they have already done! Through glossary management and translation memories, OneDocument provides document management services so you can gain the most from your own documentation.