Document & linguistic management

Hardcopies create tedious problems for businesses; they are difficult to manage and catalogue, complex to update, hard to search for, tedious to store, etc. We can solve this problem: OneDocument highly increases the value of your documents with its document management services.



What’s more, many businesses already have documentation in different languages and don’t know how to recapture this work. OneDocument helps you reap the benefits from your existing documents, unifying both style and terminology as well as reducing the cost of updating and translating documents.

Document digitalization: Take advantage of your hard copies. OneDocument transforms your hard copies into digital for easy cataloguing, filing, updating and sharing.

Glossary creation: Based upon pre-existing documentation, OneDocument will create customized client glossaries in one or more languages. This methodology harmonizes terminology across documents.

Translation memory creation: Starting from documents in several languages, OneDocument will create a dual-purpose translation memory to both blend style across publications and reduce costs for future translations. You’ll be surprised just how many pieces you already have translated.

Still looking for more? OneDocument retains backup copies of all files. So you won’t ever lose valuable data due to technical or human error. Furthermore, these copies will always be available.

Take advantage of your business’ hidden potential